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Get the Rx-Universe that is right for your lab.

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Equip your lab for maximum productivity

Rx-Universe software is the ideal solution for all types of labs looking for reliable and easy-to-use RX lab management software. Its modular design adapts to any lab size and structure, thus perfectly fitting the needs of small in-store with 20 jobs/day just as well as large labs producing 10,000+ jobs/day.

Chart of Rx-Universe functionality

Packages and Modules Overview

Rx-Universe Packages for the USA/Canada Market
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Software Requirements

Rx-Universe operates in a Windows Server or Windows PC Environment and is compliant with VC DCS TCP/IP and Serial Interface Protocols. Please consult with us for specific hardware recommendations.

Rx-Universe in Action

It’s not enough for lab software to be powerful and versatile — it has to be easy to use. Design your own custom dashboards and reports to maximize the power of Rx-Universe for your team.

An optical lab worker using the Rx-Universe Dashboard
A tablet with the Rx-Universe Software Packages and Modules

Download the Technical One Sheet

We’ve included all of Rx-Universe’s technical information in one useful, shareable sheet. Click below to download it, no email required.

Ready to get started? Request a demo.

Every optical lab is unique. That’s why our first step is always to talk with you through your unique set of personnel, challenges, and goals. Our demos are designed to meet your needs — we never do the same presentation twice.

  • Learn about the features most relevant to you
  • Discover how long onboarding will take for your team
  • Get realistic metrics for how Rx-Universe can impact your production

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