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How Comprehensive Production Control Maximizes Your Lab’s Efficiency

For optical labs, efficiency is everything. Eliminating wasted time, resources and inventory is crucial to profitability and customer satisfaction. But if your lab management system can’t be tailored for your lab’s needs, it’s just going to get in the way. A one-size-fits-all software just cannot support a sleek, nimble process unique to an individual lab. 

You need the ability to adjust and tweak the process, workflow, and work tickets. Otherwise, you’re wasting time. Even if you have the analytics to see an issue, if your LMS isn’t customizable enough, you have to figure out a way to work around it or accept a half-solution.

As a lab leader, you know: the more control, the better. You’re the expert in your own lab. The limited functionality of an LMS shouldn’t define your processes.

Rx-Universe offers comprehensive production control, allowing you to maximize efficiency, and saving time and money.

Adjust to Meet Demand

As the industry shifts and customer demand changes, you’ll have to adjust. With comprehensive production control, you can make changes to suit your needs with efficiency and quality. You can also scale up when your business grows.

Implement Powerful Automations

Rx-Universe makes it possible to implement precise automations wherever it suits your process best, including integrations with conveyor systems, and advanced job flow control to ensure production steps follow the correct sequence and no critical steps are missed prior to shipping.

Identify Production and Order Delays at a Glance

Using a color-coded visual display in Customer Service with quick access to order notes and job status, lab employees can quickly identify late jobs, high-priority jobs and high-breakage jobs at a glance. Movement of jobs through the lab can also trigger events such as automated email notifications sent to the customer. 

Seamless System Integration

Comprehensive production control also allows you to seamlessly and securely integrate Rx-Universe using Modern API end-points with third-party systems, including ERP systems, practice management software, accounting systems, VisionWeb and more, to streamline your business processes and save even more time and money.

Remote Order Entry and Tracking

A quality experience for your customers goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. With Rx-Universe, eye care professionals can utilize Rx-Site, our browser-based remote order entry solution, to submit their orders electronically and track the progress of orders on-demand. Rx-Site saves your lab time by not having to manually key in orders and reduce answering phone calls all while elevating the customer service experience. 

With comprehensive production control, your LMS becomes a powerful asset rather than a clunky obstacle holding you back. Rx-Universe helps your lab maximize efficiency and exceed your goals.

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