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5 Ways Business Intelligence Helps Optical Labs Exceed Goals

Real, accurate data leads to better decision-making. We know as an optical lab leader, you’re constantly working toward efficiency and peak quality. It’s nearly impossible to do that without trusted insights into your production process and business operations. Without the right information, your decisions are based on assumptions and anecdotes. You have to know where you stand to know where you’re going – or where you’re stuck.

With Rx-Universe’s integrated business intelligence, you get comprehensive insights that can drive your lab forward in several ways:

  1. See problems in real-time and adjust accordingly
    Rx-Universe offers live dashboards so you can get real-time insight into your production and make changes in the moment as needed. The live dashboards allow you to stay up-to-date on KPIs with a simple drag-and-drop functionality, so individual operators can tailor dashboards to only display what they need to see most. With information like production output, cycle times and efficiency ratios at a glance, you can more efficiently notice any potential issues and adjust on the fly.
  2. Evaluate trends and forecast future operations
    With the right integrated business intelligence, you can also get a thorough understanding of past trends in production, inventory usage and more so you can project future needs more accurately. Rx-Universe gives you advanced data analytics with dynamic tools that provide powerful visibility into metrics, trends and correlations in your production process.
  3. Monitor inventory more efficiently
    Keeping track of inventory, shipping and pricing can be time-consuming, and errors can end up costing you a significant amount of time and money. With integrated business intelligence, you can closely and efficiently monitor the consumption, movement, cost and replenishment of lens and frame inventory. You can also more easily calculate commercial pricing and invoices and control shipping logistics. 
  4. Discern opportunities for growth and optimization
    With business intelligence seamlessly integrated into your LMS, you can gain valuable insights into your production to determine any resources that might be underutilized or overutilized, including equipment. If certain machines are consistently idle while others are operating at full capacity, managers can redistribute workloads to maximize productivity.
  5. Utilize robust reporting
    Rx-Universe’s integrated business intelligence utilizes browser-based reporting, which allows you to access reports from any device or operating system. You can create customized reports or choose from dozens of pre-built templates within the LMS to save time and get the comprehensive information you need to make the right decisions moving forward.

Learn more about how Rx-Universe’s integrated business intelligence and other innovative features can move your lab forward by contacting us today.

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